Great makeup is just one part of the puzzle to give your skin a flawless look, but what does your skin actually look like? Makeup does cover to a point, but having good skin underneath is what you have to pay attention to. Skincare is one of the most important contributors to achieving a great makeup application. Are you washing your face every night before you go to bed? Not washing all your makeup off before you go to bed is a big no-no! Think about it..we now live in a society where there are so many aggressors constantly attacking our bodies. Pollution, sun rays, technology radiation, internal stress, sweat, chemicals, sunscreen…that is all on our face! Having a good night sleep and a clean face will help renew those cells to regenerate and breathe! If you keep all of the crap on your face, those cells cannot do this and therefore you add to the aging process that much faster! You brush your teeth, you wash your face!

Now, we all like to feel pampered and lets face it, some of us do not have the time, or the money to get weekly facials…I know I don’t. However, I do have 20 minutes a week to pamper myself with a facial mask. Not only do makeup for a living, but I also represent an amazing brand new skincare line that just came from South Korea to the United States. I do not put my stamp of approval on many products, but I couldn’t resist representing and making sure everyone has their hands on our one-of-a-kind Adult Stem Cell Masks from One mask a week or 2x if you would like, will transform your skin to give you hydrated, glowing skin. We have 4 masks that you will absolutely go bananas for…Hydrating, Calming, Whitening, and Firming. My skin has transformed since I have been using them. I have red undertones and a bit of rosacea, since I have been using them, my skin has calmed down and I barely have to wear foundation anymore…AMAZING! Please check out to check out the masks!

I also use the masks as a body moisturizer..after 20 minutes I take the cloth mask and rub it all over my body (do not wash off what is left on your face). I go to bed..feeling a little sticky, which I don’t mind, and by the morning my skin feels nice and soft, and hydrated! No more dry crepey skin on this body!

If you are interested or want more information, please email me and I can give you further details. This is a great treatment for yourself, but also a fabulous gift for your friends! Enjoy!!!


At Beautigenix we believe that skin care is a personal endeavor in youthful preservation. Beautigenix was created as the result of more than 18 years of traveling the globe in search of skin care treatment options for people on the move. High-quality, innovative skin care treatments that fit in a carry-on, that take less than 20 minutes to apply, and that actually get results were nearly impossible to find – until now.

Aqua Moisturizing Intensive Cell Mask
Lifting Intensive Cell Mask
Relaxing Intensive Cell Mask
Whitening Intensive Cell Mask