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My passion for makeup and skincare started in college. With fine arts as my background and constantly using different mediums in my work, I started experimenting with makeup on all my sorority sisters. Soon enough I had the entire sorority lining up for me to do their makeup for dances/formals, or just going out on the town. Working with different canvases such as watercolor, sculpture, photography, I then became interested in the “canvas of the face”. Each canvas is different, different textures, tones, bone structure, I then became inspired in transforming faces into something else! Not only did I enhance their beauty, but seeing their expressions of pure joy and amazement when it was complete got me hooked!

Fast forward 16 years and I am doing what I love! Not many people get to have a job that they truly love and look forward to go to work everyday…In that, I am very lucky to use that passion as my job. During this time,I have worked and trained with the top makeup/skincare lines and boutiques in the business. From being an Asst.Cosmetic Department Manager for Nordstrom on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and then Department Manager at the Somerset Michigan store,I also was able to work and be trained/certified with the most talented makeup artists for MAC in Miami. I was then fortunate to move across the country and found the gem of a little town called Aspen, Colorado, where I had the honor for working for one of the most exclusive boutiques in the country, The Cos Bar. Working in such a specialized store I was able to be trained in all the high end cosmetic/skincare companies, such as Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Tom Ford, Sisley, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Cle De Peau. The list goes on and I am fortunate to have learned all different makeup techniques, and also how to treat the skin before application to make sure my clients skin is in the best shape.

In the Chair: When a woman sits in my chair, I want them to feel confident knowing that I am going to meet and exceed all of their expectations. Whether she has an interview, a date, cocktails with friends, or is just having a bad day, I want to be that person they turn to in making them feel pretty, powerful, and feeling like a better self. Knowing that I brought out their true essence and enhancing their best features and leaving my chair in an amazing mood is the best reward I could ever have!

Since I have been doing makeup I have found the love of being a part of a woman’s most special day…her wedding! I have travelled to many destinations such as Chicago, Miami, Maui, Vail, and Aspen to make a bride and her bridesmaids (and even the groom) to look her best on a day that she will look back at her pictures and look timeless. I have worked with some of the best wedding planners in the business(links to their websites are down below). My ability to assess the skin prior to her big day and making sure her skin is at her best, I can recommend a skincare regime and also offer some other services such as using my state of the art and exclusive South Korean Adult Stem Cell Masks at www.beautigenix.com to combat any issues that a bride might face. Whether you are dry, irritated, acne prone, or just need some lifting, these masks will help your skin glow from the inside out to make your skin look perfect on your special day!